Our mission and values

As one of the world’s leading mineral fertilizer producers, PhosAgro assumes a special responsibility for global food security.

We offer high‑quality, eco‑friendly fertilizers, supply them, and train farmers how to apply them in the most sustainable manner.

Our mission

Caring for Earth fertility for prosperous lives

Our vision

Global presence

Organic growth and development

Healthy lifestyles and occupational health and safety

Care for the environment

Social responsibility

Innovation and digital transformation

Миссия и ценности Компании

Our values

Our goals are ambitious as we strive for professional excellence and continuous self‑improvement

As strong team players, we look to ensure smooth cooperation of all our business units

Everyone at PhosAgro is a qualified professional in what they do

We always honour our obligations and are a reliable partner

Improvement and innovation
Development is ongoing at PhosAgro, with every procedure relentlessly improved and refined

We promote and share a safety culture within the Company to ensure safe working conditions

We support human integrity, fostering moral standards and ethics, spiritual values, dedication at work, and respect for family values