Information disclosure

In its declarations and disclosures, PhosAgro strictly follows the requirements imposed by Russian securities regulations, as well as rules for the companies traded on the LSE. The Company publicly discloses all required information to shareholders and investors in a timely manner through authorised newswires, the corporate website, PhosAgro’s official disclosure page on the Interfax portal, and on the LSE webpage.

Information disclosure

In 2023, the Company exercised its right to disclose and/or provide only some of the information that must be disclosed and/or provided under federal laws On Joint‑Stock Companies and On the Securities Market, guided by Russian Government Resolution No. 1102 dated 4 July 2023 On Details of Disclosure and/or Provision of Information that Must be Disclosed and/or Provided under Federal Law On Joint‑Stock Companies, and by the Federal Law On the Securities Market.

Financial calendar for 2024

Financial results disclosure

IV / 2023

4Q and FY 2023

26 April 2024

I / 2024

1Q 2024

27 May 2024 (TBD)

II / 2024

2Q and 6M 2024

29 August 2024 (TBD)

III / 2024

3Q and 9M 2024

11 November 2024 (TBD)