Relationship with shareholders and investors

At PhosAgro, we are committed to transparency and consistency, and maintain an ongoing dialogue with the investor community through a variety of communication channels and with involvement of the Company’s senior management and independent directors.

We keep the market abreast of the Company’s performance by publishing quarterly operational and financial results that are made available to investors via press releases, presentations, conference calls and webcasts. On top of that, we take every opportunity to answer investors’ questions and gather feedback from market players by participating in conference calls.

Our strong engagement programme enables us:

To raise investor awareness of the Company’s potential value and long‑term sustainability

To update investors on PhosAgro’s strategic priorities and progress we have made

To attract a wider pool of investors to improve liquidity, share price and borrowing costs

To increase our access to a variety of capital market instruments

To provide transparency on how our corporate governance systems work

To generate new ideas through a dialogue with investors

To clarify the Company’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our strong engagement programme

Why we interact

Four main purposes for which PhosAgro interacts with the invesmtent community:

Each building on each other

Facilitating an ongoing exchange of information

Ensuring greater business transparency

Provide investment community with reliable and relevant information on the key aspects of the Company’s operations, its development plans and long‑term goals

Identify risks and opportunities for the Company as seen from the perspective of members of the investment community after they have analysed the provided information

Communicate investor feedback to the management to form the internal position and tweak/work out a development strategy that would mitigate major risks and unlock the Company’s potential

Monitor the progress against the Company’s development strategy and present its results to the public

How we interact

The Company interacts with the investment community in a variety of ways


Virtual non‑deal roadshows covering general topics for broader investor audiences and deal roadshows relating to Eurobond offerings and ESG disclosures, etc.

One‑on‑one calls

One‑on‑one calls with investors

Meetings of Shareholders

Annual General Meetings of Shareholders and formal reporting

Work with members of the analyst

Selective communication with members of the analyst community to raise their awareness of the Company’s operations

Work with rating agencies

Interaction with credit and ESG rating agencies

Press releases

Regulatory press releases

Online conferences

Online investor conferences

Corporate website

Corporate website of the Company

Work with investors

A dedicated in‑house investor relations team

Key topics and outcomes in 2023


In 2023, closer contacts of the Company with shareholders, debt investors and analysts (primarily in the form of online meetings) were of critical importance due to the impact of external challenges.

For more information on our initiatives and their accompanying presentations, please visit the Company’s website

Proactive approach

PhosAgro’s proactive approach to communication with debt market players guaranteed successful replacement of two Eurobond issues worth more than

USD 740 mln

Information disclosure

118 publications

were made in line with Russian disclosure regulations via the Interfax Corporate Disclosure Centre

Bond issue

The Company offered two exchange bond issues on the Moscow Exchange for 

RUB 20 bln
and CNY 2 bln
Bond issue