Key events in the field of education

Today, agriculture has firmly established itself as one of the flagship sectors of the Russian economy, thanks in large part to the extensive implementation of the most advanced agricultural technologies, including digital solutions.

To sustain and strengthen this trend, the agricultural sector needs a new quality of management proficiency. This, in turn, requires an upgraded skill set among the human capital engaged in the agro‑industrial sector of Russia.

As one of the leaders in the domestic agrochemical industry and a reliable partner for farmers, PhosAgro Group plays a crucial role in the technological transformation of Russian agriculture. In addition to providing farmers with high‑quality and eco‑friendly mineral fertilizers, PhosAgro Group is actively involved in disseminating cutting‑edge scientific knowledge in the field of agriculture.

The Company has established a multi‑level system that contributes to the development of intellectual capital within the industry. It extends from supporting school programmes, secondary and higher education projects, and aiding existing agricultural producers to engaging in global scale initiatives.

At PhosAgro Group, we believe that the formula for sustainable soil fertility in our country lies in the combination of Russia's unique natural resources, cutting‑edge scientific knowledge, and, most importantly, the talent and hard work of our people.


PhosAgro Group opened an educational centre at Urals State Agrarian University

Children at an educational centre

PhosAgro Group and Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology announced partnership to develop a line of biologised mineral fertilizers


PhosAgro Group and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture announced an expansion of collaboration in agricultural education

PhosAgro Group launched Pro Agro Lectorium, a digital educational platform

PhosAgro Group opened an educational centre at St Petersburg State Agrarian University

Students at St Petersburg State Agrarian University

PhosAgro launched its Pro Agro Lectorium digital educational platform for African farmers


PhosAgro Group and several leading universities in Africa signed agreements on collaboration in promoting agricultural education

Representatives of PhosAgro Group and several leading universities in Africa signed agreements on collaboration in promoting agricultural education

PhosAgro Group opened its flagship educational centre at Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology

Opening of flagship educational centre at Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology

PhosAgro Group and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture presented a joint programme for training agricultural industry professionals to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

PhosAgro awarded the winners of the fourth Laverov Scholarships competition for research in the fields of ecology, new materials, and substances

The winners of the fourth Laverov Scholarships competition

PhosAgro Group opened an educational centre at Kazan State Agrarian University

UNESCO, in collaboration with PhosAgro and IUPAC, awarded its seventh grants for research in the field of green chemistry to the best young scholars from around the world

Student of Kazan State Agrarian University with a grant

PhosAgro Schools

A programme to promote in‑depth study of natural sciences, economics, and management disciplines. Financial support to schools and career guidance for students with a view to attracting young talent to the mining and chemical industries

> 6 thousand

Vocational schools, technical colleges, and universities

Support for educational facilities infrastructure and assistance in aligning educational programmes with the labour market requirements. Offering students internship opportunities at PhosAgro Group’s facilities with potential subsequent employment.

participants in the High‑Potential Graduates programme and PhosAgro START programme
educational institutions
students who have signed Company‑funded education and scholarship agreements

Agricultural universities

A programme to improve proficiency levels of students and teachers at agricultural universities as well as of agricultural producers and agro‑industrial technology service providers.

> 40 thousand
programme participants
PhosAgro Group’s education centres


Scholarship programmes for young researchers

PhosAgro Group's awards for the best implemented R&D projects and practices

Partnership for promoting basic sciences and research

Collaboration in climate action and biodiversity preservation

Pro Agro Lectorium

An online platform based on PhosAgro’s From Mine to Plate training programme and offering e‑lectures on various topics, such as agronomy and agrochemistry, crop and livestock production, innovations and digitalisation in agriculture, economics, law, and responsible farming.