Executive bodies

In charge of PhosAgro’s day‑to‑day operations are two executive bodies accountable to the Board of Directors:

  • the collegial body (Management Board) and
  • the sole executive body (CEO).

At least twice a year, at the end of six months and full calendar year, the CEO submits a report on the performance of the Company’s executive bodies to the Board of Directors for review and approval. The report traditionally includes highlights of the Company’s production, sales, logistics, and procurement operations, and data on progress against key investment and target projects. It also focuses heavily on the executive team’s environmental and occupational safety performance, social support for employees, and external social investments.

In May 2022, the number of Management Board members was approved at three. Since that date and as at 31 December 2023, members of the Management Board are Mikhail Rybnikov, Alexei Sirotenko, and Dmitry Morozov.

Breakdown and number of matters considered
Breakdown and number of matters considered

In the reporting year, the Company delivered robust environmental results, ticking off nearly all relevant KPIs. Significant progress was made in the management of health and safety issues. In addition to that, PhosAgro continued to honour all its social commitments to develop the regions of operation, keeping its support for social and charitable projects unchanged from the previous year’s record level. The Board of Directors praised the performance of executive bodies and key executives for their due consideration of ESG factors and addressing sustainability issues.

The executive management focuses on PhosAgro’s strategy and long‑term sustainable business development for the benefit of shareholders and other stakeholders by linking executive remuneration to the Company’s goals, including those in the realm of ESG.

Information on members of the Management Board

Year of election: 2022
Date of birth: 30 November 1975

For more information on Mikhail Rybnikov, please see Board of directors

Year of election: 2013
Equity interest / stake of ordinary shares: none
Date of birth: 3 January 1969

Professional experience

2017 — Pr. — Apatit, Legal Affairs Director

2017–2019 — Apatit, Member of the Management Board

2013 — Pr. — – PhosAgro, Member of the Management Board

2010 — Pr. — PhosAgro, Deputy CEO for Corporate and Legal Affairs (part-time)


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Degree in Jurisprudence, Lawyer

Key competencies

Law and corporate governance

Year of election: 2022
Equity interest / stake of ordinary shares: none
Date of birth: 5 June 1964

Professional experience

2022 — Pr. — PhosAgro, Member of the Management Board

2022 — Pr. — PhosAgro, Advisor to the CEO (part-time)

2019 — Pr. — Apatit, Director for Economic Affairs

2019–2022 — PhosAgro, Director for Economic Affairs

2015–2019 — PhosAgro, Deputy Director for Economic Affairs and Finance


Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia), Degree in International Economic Relations, Economist for International Economic Relations

Key competencies

  • Strategy and innovation
  • Economics, finance and audit